An Inherent Allure Press Delegate’s Show On The One’s Freedom In Expression

Saturday, April 4th, 2016 this right now we just apply to be more curious what we feel during as a press delegate whether either exultant or exuberant ups or just easy going slowly nevertheless an inherent allure to show what actually hiding in our indecisive while especially the persons in around us to take to a chosen place, in different way to have difference experiences we just relax to run this event as an dexterity is devoutly.


However what we’ve done that they everything would be paid by a grapple to have a good result as well as between practice and theory in reality but sometime it’s different what theory said. So, try till find the approximately zenith is sufficiently, there were many activities we did although it lets be gone by be gone would be an unforgettable moment warmly to remember for supply later ought to hang by a thread like a sweet proverb a still tongue keeps a wide hearse ups, a large amount of things down here just taking a best side to be talked that is made by interesting phrase but it has a real mean but it’s just off-hand most likely a form to interview every delegates I just do by my unique manner to keep attention seriously against them and not talking much just make at the simple point and I create conclusion by a large resolution size to reveal moreover if its needed to publish just make a sweet prove would love to be apple of my eyes just stabilization. It depends on a person’s fortune how to get it influences every little thing that has own act theirs. It’d be formed based what they have that role to influence its empowers under pressure will act and react likes a component has determined as it should be on the rules from its tutelage how to tell a n instruction has to do, it does have to be a huge accomplishment till a strive to be paid by struggle are balance basically based on throughput time to operate how the creator (management) decide his willingness will be come true, hold out barely.

Thence-forward was extraordinary even through there was a boring to do in get attention what they was discussed a bit reflect constraints for feedback adamant response in different offer way inasmuch didn’t offense directly to ask what would be talked either in vision or mission with lugubriously was equal be happy after got it. Because I looked more silent compare to talkative just didn’t know what a topic was. It’s why made as an inherent allure in risk if there are variety of things that were fantastic and act silly but I didn’t bother to make any conclusions cusp of conversation but however anything have to be colorful but it’s just pleasure for beginner first time to step to a new far mile entry an unknown atmosphere where nobody care at least like this.


Hope don’t get syndrome it’s a negative effect influences our mind be lugubrious suddenly. We can insist to fight it all by freedom allure inherent as on the title. Or you hear often the show not certainly look better if we don’t know inside yet. Keep up and go ahead be professional prestigious.

Ilham Maulana

Last Day on BMUN 2016: Impression and Future Expectation


the delegate of UNHCR – Muhammad Rizky Nugraha D. N.

This morning, one of delegate of UNHCR – Muhammad Rizky Nugraha D. N. – which represent USA, mention that he has great impression with BMUN 2016 since the council have a lot international delegate and chair which is very interesting to gain new friendship and network. He also said that he wants to join BMUN next year, and hopefully can be one of Chair there. Even though he thinks his council was very fluctuate, sometimes in hot debate or sometimes cold, however so far he enjoyed his council very much. He only expects in the future, BMUN can improve their email service to be fast respond and gathered all information in one email, so it will be more efficient.


Mardiany and Nadhisa, the hospitality committee

Meanwhile, on the side of Hospitality committee, which were representative by Nadhisa (Manager of Hospitality) and Mardiany. They say this time BMUN 2016 is special, not only because they have more international delegate and Chairs this year, but they feel all delegates have impressive ambition in following this BMUN rather than before. Mardiany also feels that she experience a lot of new things by becoming a committee. It may be very tiring, but to her it is difficult to forget the enthusiasm of all people in here. Both of them hope that in next year BMUN will be better.

Last, the remark note given by Mr. Galih Wahyu Jananuraga, he regrets that this year the number of delegates was less than last year which can lower down the tension of the debate, but since he still feels the enthusiasm of the delegate, he and all of committee will work the best for the rest committee session and closing ceremony.

Live Reports of BMUN 2016: Meet the Press!


The Press Banner

BBC (9th April 2016) – Reporting the events, interviewing the delegates, spotting something interesting, have a press conference and the big things we go around and round all day long with tight deadline schedule to be caught up are the real experience of being press delegate in Bandung MUN 2016 (BMUN 2016). Since it is the last day of BMUN 2016, why do not we have a look to what we do?


The Head of Press and Press Delegates

Reporting, this is the super main task that we have to do. Basically, we cannot make any article if we do not do any observation to anything. Since it is about MUN, you must report what have been occurred in all of the council and let other delegate and people in the world know about that. Due to all of us should report news at least 3 article per a day, we must be sensitive what kind of idea or event should be reported in quick.


The press on their press room

The following task is interviewing. It is an obligated to get information from the people that related to the topic you want to write on your article. The more critical you ask the question, the more valid the data you can obtain. The most importing thing to be remember by the press delegate is be clear to what you are going to ask. It is because the tight schedule of conference and our deadline can haunt us if we are not aware. Therefore, if you were a forgetful person, make sure you prepare your question on the note. In addition, be communicative the interviewees will also be your point plus to gain deep information.


When a press delegate lack of inspiration or simply just a word

This is another uniqueness of being press delegate, spotting on something out of the box is sometimes you need to do when you are lack of inspiration at the moment. It can be funny moment to be captured or fashion things like OOTD that done by the Xinhua News Agency. All of us know that life is should not flat, therefore finding out something interesting out of the MUN (in this case) will delight your day.

Last but not least, press conference. It is another crucial task to do for press delegate. As we know, we report news due to we want to let other people now what is actually occurred in this time. Therefore, in press conference, it is the opportunity we let other people know the right situation from the informative people. In here, all of council will be gathered together in a room and each of them should have representative delegates to speak.



The first press conference of BMUN 2016

Then, how is the opinion of each press delegate? Let’s have a look!

The Xinhua News Agency – Widya Dwi Rachmawati – said that she feels excited to be a press delegate, even though it is her first experience. She think her first experience in BMUN 2016 as a press delegate which obligated to report situation and make articles in a day very exhausted yet thrilling due to the tight schedule. On the other perspective, the representative of the New York Time – Ilham Maulana – adds that he feels that it is extraordinary from other delegate because he can walk around from one council to another council. Meanwhile, on the side of BBC representative – Fika Dian Nuranita – feels being press delegate is addictive even though sometimes you can feel exhausted. In the end, the Head of Press of BMUN 2016 – Putri Marsha Amanda – is very grateful to have exciting delegates in her first experience which was actually were out of her expectation in the first time.

Find out this is interesting? You can join us to be press delegate in any MUN later on.

Fika Dian

Is it Immigration Security Restriction and Religion-Race Discrimination Conflict Avoidance the Only Way to Solve?


BBC (9th April 2016) – Yesterday afternoon, BBC has interviewed session with two delegates, Mr. Surya (the Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Mr. Ihya (the Secretary of Treasury) about the solution that have been discussed on the second day committee session in Crisis Council regarding to the event of 9/11. They argue that basically most of delegate in the council would likely to agree on immigration security restriction and avoids religion-race discrimination conflict, because high-tension will give impacts on stability issue. However, is it the only way to solve the solution?

At First, both of delegates are sure that restriction on immigration through visa and other comprehensive document will become the early stage of solving the problem. Contrary with the statement of the Vice President yesterday, the Secretary of Treasury thinks that the notion of migration closure is cannot be done. Besides migration is cannot be stopped in the era of globalization, the US economic flow will be obstructed even though it is temporarily. He also adds, “Gaining back the trust of investor is a must.” Therefore, by being not-too-panic and keep on working what need to be done quickly is very important. The Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff also says, “The idea of border tighten through restrictive immigration and the security guards is firstly need after this attack.”

In addition, both of them agree that the security system such as installing high resolution CCTV in all public place and improving the ability of their intelligent agents and system. The Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff emphasizes that US citizens should avoid any religion-race issue that can triggered conflict. It is because if they triggered any related issue, the possibility of another attack will be very high due to the anger of Al-Qaeda, the militant group that accused for this attack.

However, in the end when it is asked is it there any other option that they could do if these could not work, they answer military is the last option. Even though the Secretary of Treasury argue to prepare military action is not easy, they need calculate everything, such as budget, personnel, weapon and so on and so forth. However, The Chief of Joint Chiefs of Staff in accordance with the statement of the Vice President says military action is necessary if only the situation is turning to be serious and it should be proposed first to UN.

Fika Dian

CRISIS UNSC : Peacekeeper or trouble maker? Peacekeepers troops in South Sudan being suspected of being involved in criminal activities in South Sudan

In a recent anti-human trafficking operations by South Sudan national police, with the cooperation with Interpol, successfully busted a group of human traffickers on the run in Akabo city, Jonglei state. During the interrogation process, individuals detained have confessed that they have paid off money to high ranking officers in the United Nations Peacekeepers troopers in the United Nations Missions in the Republic of South Sudan in exchange for protection against the weak and ineffective local police forces. These suspects also described the process of how they would co-operate and synchronize with these corrupt officers in Peacekeepers troops in which before the victims are being transported, they would inform the route to the aforementioned officers to confirm that they would not encounter with local police forces. Although they refused to mention specific names, they did explicitly mentions the nationality of such officers, namely Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, India, Uganda, Russia and Ethiopia. They also told that the relationship they have with these officers meant that the rival criminals groups would also less likely to increase tension with them.

Investigators from Interpol; have also confirmed that there are strong intels and proofs that many other local criminal gang in South Sudan which are involved in drug-trafficking, arm-trafficking and human trafficking activities also paid off some individuals in the United Nations Peacekeeper forces in exchange for protection. There has been reports that clearly described the involvement of United Nations Peacekeepers force in South Sudan territory. Shockingly, they also revealed that soldiers who attempt to report these illegal actions to higher officers would face with unreported punishment and peer-pressure from his/her own respective national troops. Whistleblowers in most of these cases immediately get suspended and sent back to his/her respective national troops. Whistleblowers in most of these cases immediately get suspended and sent back to his/her respective country.

In an emergency press conference 2 hours ago, Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the operation, Ellen Margrethe Loj have stated that there will be immediate Internal investigation within the all personnel deployed in South Sudan. Any person found guilty would be immediately suspended and sent back to their respective countries. She also stated that the main problem with the communication and report mechanism in Peacekeeper troop is very problematic, in which soldiers are more loyal to their national highest officers deployed with them, and not the head of management as a whole. Therefore, troops that come from countries with questionable work ethics and transparency issue will be harder to management.

Press Conference on Crisis Council: U.S. Government Actions After 9/11


Following days after the WTC attack tragedy – Crisis Council through their representatives, Vice President of U.S. and U.S. Ambassador to the UN explains how the discussion goes in their council. There are many directives proposed to UN, proposing to the conference like military action but the council will work forward to propose more directives as well to solve 9/11 attacks.


Vice President of U.S. clarified, “We have passed several directives, its not like literally military action, it’s more on necessary action towards any terrorist activities. We have proposed to the UN through U.S. ambassador to the UN and we hope that we will hear in the next moment that its been adopted then we will take any necessary measurement towards any terrorist activities.”

The obstacles in the conference bring them to consider U.S. interest. Given that US has veto power. However U.S. also have to take consideration with other member states, such as their sovereignty and respect the national interest.

“We need to secure our national interest. However, some of our national interest sometimes quite contradictive to the international condition. But in this case, I believe that we can find solutions to fight for our national interest.”

Hardest crisis that they are facing in the council tends to the crisis after 9/11; there is Islamophobia toward Muslims as a stereotype that all Iranian or Muslims that wearing turban are terrorists.  And suddenly, there is weapon attack in the mosque that engage to unknown.

How U.S. provides security to the people? The officials are going to utilize their national court to maintain the national security and they are claiming to ask the establishment of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as the department of transnational system to defend U.S. national security and also the officials will make sure that U.S. military forces are in the right position to self defense movement. Not to attack, but to self defense movement. U.S. officials are also trying to pass some laws, at the same time implement the use of agency like FBI.

Widya Dwi Rachmawati



Press Conference: UNSC Further Development on Peacekeeping Organization


Bandung, April 8, 2016 (Xinhua) – Delegate of USA were very happy to have debate and fulfill discussion with UNSC members. Although they might kill each other in the session, but he think its really fun! Regarding the discussion, the concern of USA right now is about the conductivity of the appointment of Peacekeeping Operations (PKO), in which its legality are being questioned and then the activity also being questioned. Therefore, UNSC this time are expected to make practical solutions to answer those kinds of problems.

Meanwhile, Delegate of Russia stated about the focus on their discussion, several country have different opposing opinion. Like USA they want to deploy more troops. On the other hand, Russia and China did not want to deploy more troops because they believe that it’s not going to solve the problems. The core problems are only on the numbers, but Russia and China propose that they are going to send only the stratified troops to the area.

Furthermore, they are finished their working paper, they believe that it caters all the members’ state and also answers most of the QARMAs.

Widya Dwi Rachmawati